Who we are

Most dynamic

pre-construction experience

for buyers and builders.

Modern, immersive, and collaborative, Clay is a real-time, enterprise-level platform for builders to manage projects and grow revenue in the physical and digital worlds. Clay makes it easy to transform buyers’ visions into reality with trust, sophistication, and simplicity. Now you can integrate everything you need for every project into one perfectly clayed system.

Welcome to the Clay experience.

who we are

Why Clay

The pre-construction experience is evolving, and so should you.

Clay has changed the way people buy homes. From anywhere in the world, homebuyers and builders can connect and form trusting relationships as if they were together in person.

Builders can virtualize projects and give homebuyers greater freedom with an unparalleled high-fidelity experience. Clay’s robust ecosystem is designed for builders to succeed in every project. It’s so much more than a real-time platform, it’s a platform of opportunity to deliver more dreams to more people.

What we offer


Game-changing fidelity

Incredibly immersive and realistic experiences are brought to life with Clay’s groundbreaking technology. Our platform leaps bounds in visual fidelity, building and showcasing communities crafted from the builders’ minds.



Sell faster, easier, and more efficiently.

An intelligent, comprehensive system for every project makes it easy for homebuyers to get exactly what they want. Using a streamlined and fully integrated platform that provides a full suite of tools, builders can achieve lasting success for every project.


Test the limits of your imagination.

Let homebuyers create their dreams using simple tools in a virtual destination filled with digital assets backed by a globally networked ecosystem.


The Platform of Opportunity